Lead the world in honey traceability and authentication! Build trust, build brand loyalty and improve your bottom line.

Product provenance and security

Build brand loyalty and increase profits

  • Automated batch specific profile generation.
  • Multi-tier package based anti-counterfeiting and authentication.

Simplified MPI compliance and auditing

ApiTrak can drastically reduce time spent on food safety compliance.

  • Simplified eCert submissions.
  • Automated RMP reporting.

Affordable hardware installation

ApiTrak is designed for fast, affordable and painless installations.

  • No minimum fixed hardware requirements.
  • Integrates with most existing equipment configurations.

Open system integration

ApiTrak easily integrates with a number of 3rd party systems and hardware

  • Accounting systems.
  • Transport operators.
  • Temperature monitoring systems.

Leading edge inventory management system

ApiTrak utilises a world class inventory management system to reduce paperwork and make your operation more efficient.

  • Advanced storage and distribution management system.
  • Simplified product data management.
  • Complies with MPI traceability.

Want to know more?

Packing module users are charged a monthly subscription fee which is scaled according to the size of your operation.

Pricing ranges from as little as $0.06 per jar of honey packed.
To learn more about the ApiTrak packing module, complete the form below. A member of the ApiTrak team will call you to discuss your unique requirements and how we can maximise your profits.