Become the foundation of a fully connected supply chain network to help protect and grow our precious industry.

Improve land and beekeeper management

ApiTrak makes it easier to manage your land and the beekeepers on it

  • Allocate land access to approved beekeepers
  • Identify the people and vehicles the beekeeper allocates access to
  • Easily share relevant information about sites, access and hazards with beekeepers

Real time reporting

ApiTrak provides unparalleled transparency between you and the beekeepers on your land.

  • Get real time updates on hive deployment and removal.
  • Receive extraction information as soon as product from your land is drummed off.
  • Access lab test results the moment they are published.

Easy to use map based system

ApiTrak uses GIS mapping to simplify the way you access information

  • Know the locations of hives on your land and their proximity to others
  • Identify sites threatened by hives on neighbouring land
  • Identify hives infected with disease


ApiTrak real-time eAlerts help you react fast!

  • Be alerted when other ApiTrak hives are deployed within a specific distance from your boundary.
  • Receive real-time disease infection alerts and identify sites at risk.

Maximise land potential

ApiTrak helps you to make educated decisions on land use by providing a central point to access aggregated data.

  • Third party database integration
  • Land based monitoring system integration
  • Yield reports

Want to know more?

Landowner module users are charged a monthly subscription fee which is scaled according to the number of hives to be monitored.

Pricing ranges from as little as $0.05 - $0.15 per hive per month
To get the full benefits of the landowner module, the beekeepers allocated to your land and the extraction plants must also be utilising the ApiTrak system.
To learn more about the ApiTrak land owner module, complete the form below. A member of the ApiTrak team will call you to discuss your unique requirements and how we can maximise your profits.