Protecting the integrity of the honey value chain starts with you! Join us to strengthen our industry and set new standards in food security.

Simplified MPI compliance and auditing

ApiTrak can drastically reduce time spent on food safety compliance.

  • Simplified eCert submissions.
  • Automated RMP reporting.

Affordable hardware installation

ApiTrak is designed for fast, affordable and painless installations.

  • No minimum fixed hardware requirements.
  • Integrates with most existing equipment configurations.

Open system integration

ApiTrak easily integrates with a number of 3rd party systems and hardware

  • Accounting systems.
  • Transport operators.
  • Temperature monitoring systems.

Leading edge inventory management system

ApiTrak utilises a world class inventory management system to reduce paperwork and make your operation more efficient.

  • Advanced storage and distribution management system.
  • Simplified product data management.
  • Product identification and authentication.
  • Complies with MPI traceability.

Want to know more?

Extraction module users are charged a monthly subscription fee which is scaled according to the size of your operation.

Pricing ranges from as little as $0.03 per kg of honey extracted.
To learn more about the ApiTrak extraction module, complete the form below. A member of the ApiTrak team will call you to discuss your unique requirements and how we can maximise your profits.