Spend less time on compliance and more time beekeeping! Join a fast growing movement utilising world leading technology to strengthen the integrity of our honey supply chain.

Real time reporting to land owners

ApiTrak provides real time reporting to create better transparency to help you secure the best sites!

  • Automatically notify landowners when hives are being moved.
  • Provide access to processing information and product test results as they come available.

Spend more time beekeeping and less time on compliance

ApiTrak can simplify disease management and food safety compliance by automating procedures and removing paperwork.

  • Apiweb compliance is achieved automatically as you manage your hives.
  • eDec Digital harvest declarations generated quickly and accurately.
  • Submit eCerts from within the system with a few clicks of a mouse.
Please note: Some of the features above may not be immediately available until new MPI policies have been established. Currently, only ApiWeb integration is affected.

Compliant with MPI traceability

ApiTrak makes traceability compliance easy.

  • No paperwork required.
  • Easy to set up and very affordable.

Fully featured hive management system

ApiTrak’s hive management system uses the latest technology to make management easy and cost effective.

  • User friendly map based system.
  • Workflow and site management.
  • Hazard identification and reporting.
  • Online and offline functionality.


ApiTrak real-time eAlerts help you react fast!

  • Be alerted when other ApiTrak hives are deployed within a specific distance of your own.
  • Receive real-time disease infection alerts and identify sites at risk.
Please note: The locations of hives owned by other beekeepers will not be displayed on the map.

Open system integration

ApiTrak easily integrates with a number of 3rd party systems and hardware

  • Accounting systems.
  • Transport operators.
  • Remote monitoring systems.
  • Security systems.

Leading edge inventory management system

ApiTrak utilises a world class inventory management system to reduce paperwork and make your operation more efficient.

  • Advanced storage and distribution management system.
  • Simplified product data management.
  • Product identification and authentication.

Want to know more?

Beekeeper module users are charged a monthly subscription fee which is scaled according to the size of your operation.

Pricing ranges from as little as $0.20 - $0.50 per hive per month depending on the size of your operation.
To learn more about the ApiTrak beekeeper module, complete the form below. A member of the ApiTrak team will call you to discuss your unique requirements and how we can maximise your profits.